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D750+Petzval 85 Test

We have long been wanting to upgrade our main workhorse for some time now. We had difficulty deciding whether we’ll go for the Nikon D750 or the Canon 6d. As Nikon users for almost 8 years now, we know how reliable and enduring their models are. I (Olga) however experienced using the Canon 6d through the other studio I work for and was particularly amazed by how its multiple exposure feature can be used together with the live view mode. In the end, I voted that we go for the D750 because it would be very expensive to maintain two camera systems and the challenge presented by the D750’s inability to compose double exposures in live view is quite inspiring.

Today we tested out both the D750 and the Petzval 85 Art Lens. No multiples yet but we’re loving how the D750 is light and yet performs better than the D700 (as the reviews promised).

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