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Street Lessons

One of the most interesting and enjoyable among photography genres for me is street. Now, I am far from being an expert but my years of shooting street and my list of mistakes has taught me a thing or two. When I was living in Baguio, I used to go on photo walks on an almost daily basis (I have my Blipfoto journal as proof). Last month, I had several chances (both planned and unplanned) to go out again and in turn I experienced becoming a newbie of sorts– finding both adventure and calm in the stories the streets offer.

First lesson for me is to dress comfortably and modestly. In Vigan, I had the mistake of wearing short shorts. I find them comfortable but then I realized something was off when a lot of tricycle drivers were calling my attention.

Number two learning would be to choose just one camera and lens. Leave your phone camera at home if you can. When I have both camera and phone with me, I tend to get confused on which one to use and I often miss some good scenes. I am quite hooked on Instagram so taking a phone shot and immediately sharing it has some merits over delayed gratification from my camera shot.

Lastly, they always tell you to be invisible, to blend with the crowd. This is fairly easy to do in places like Binondo or in tourist spots like Baguio. What I learned from shooting in a small town like ours is that even if you feel you are being looked at, you need to be in the moment, observe, focus and shoot.



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